For the Love of Hunting(Soundslide Project)

November 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Conducting this assignment was very fun actually.  I’ve realized I find enjoyment in telling a story through my personal editing skills.  The point of this story was initially to do a story about hunting season and the ins and outs of what is to be expected every season, and the preparation and that goes into each trip, but after interviewing my first three hunters, I found the interview of my final subject, Willie Forbes, to be considerably more personal and interesting.  Not only that, but the time frame was much more conducive to this assignment to focus more on one hunter and their individual passion and way of doing things, rather than trying to fit the customs of multiple hunters into a small time frame. Working alone on this assignment wasn’t   overly challenging.  It helped that I did all of the audio first and then took pictures to correlate after, which increased my ability to still solely focus on one task at hand.  The other great part about working alone is the complete creative control over your work and not having to worry about anyone’s availability or coming together to put different parts of the project together.  I learned a lot from the last group sound-slide project in regard to conducting the project in a manner that would not be overly difficult to manage for time.  During the last project I had a grand idea about this extensive story of someone and was not able to fulfill my original vision of the intended story.  Essentially many of the interviews and pictures that were taken for that project had to go to waste in order to meet project requirements, despite their relevance.  One of the funny things about this assignment was when I scheduled the photo session, I had no idea he was going to have a half skinned deer head sitting on the counter when I walked into the garage.  The smell of it was wretched and I tried to take a tasteful photo of the process that wouldn’t leave the viewers feeling squeamish.   I was also fortunate enough to catch Willie on one of his last hunts this season last Saturday and was able to take a couple of good photos related to that.  One thing I messed up on was failing to input the headline.  I made a custom title page for the headline at the beginning of the project and forgot to make the headline in sound-slides, but if the story is viewed full screen you technically won’t notice that.  I also made the captions but forgot to set them to automatic so the viewer must press the caption button.


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