Sound Slides Critiques

November 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Critique 1

Rhanden Lind & Tracey Rosenlund

I usually enjoy Tracey’s work because her experience with this type of media shines through.  This is  the first work I’m reviewing from Rhanden.  The subject was a solid one as well, art is obviously visually stimulating, so the pictures were interesting and hold the viewer’s attention throughout the story.  The quality of sound  could have been a little more refined for my tastes, I sensed a small amount of static in the background, but I’m guessing some of that can be attributed to the audio recording device.  The use of ambient noise was solid at the beginning.  This was one of the few stories I felt was complete, and didn’t end abruptly, so nice job of that as well.  Nice job overall.

Critique 2

Jordan Dixon & Megan Tanaka

First of all, excellent story idea to do something with student workers on campus, interesting from the beginning.  The ambient noise in this project was above average and certainly added an effect to the story, really placing the viewer into the scene.  The black and white photos were a nice touch to not distract viewers from the busyness of their work environment.  The sound quality left a little something to be desired.  I’m not sure where they conducted their interviews, but it would have been nice to have a clean background so the viewer and listener can really become engaged to your character development in the story.  A little more in reference to their life as students would have also enhanced this story greatly in my estimation.  Overall nice work again.


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