The College Life of Eric Ensor

October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Making the sound-slides project for this report was a fun and slightly difficult experience.  Gathering the information  for this report from our subject, college student Eric Ensor, wasn’t too difficult, but at times it was challenging due to the weather conditions and times of day he was available.  The purpose of our report was to show the busy schedule of a full time college student who is also involved in various extracurricular activities and how he fits all of them into a single day and functioning week.   My partner Sarah and I interviewed people around Eric who can attest to the type of person he is, and to add a sense of personality to the profile.  Sarah and I worked well together, and each of us performed specific tasks which suited our strengths.  While working on this assignment I was informed of many clubs and youth groups available on campus and was able to attend some of the events from these groups during our project, which was enlightening to my understanding of the available groups on campus.

While putting together the sound-slides project it quickly became apparent that the material gathered by Sarah and I was going to be difficult to condense down to just 4 minutes.  The initial reporting work conducted by Sarah and I was for richness of content as oppose to meeting a time requirement.  After editing down the interviews and mastering the audio, I found it difficult to take anything away from the initial report I prepared.  The original time was 4 minutes and 45 seconds and also included a 45 second intro which was composed of the interviews from others about Eric himself, similar to a prologue in a book  The original report did an excellent job of developing a complete picture of what is representative of Eric.  After learning that I needed to change the audio work around just for a time requirement I was extremely disappointed because the original piece of work felt complete, and the intent of the project was fulfilled, which was to capture the ambitious and vigorous work load of Eric through the still frame of a day.  After revising the project, it was still good, but it wasn’t as complete as the original and also completely eliminated 2 areas of Eric’s life, which also affected the conclusion which was golden with the initial report.  The input of people around Eric was also heavily compromised and therefore personality in the project suffered.  Some of the other projects which appeared to meet assignment minimums were ended abruptly, sound quality was not top notch, and editing in them was suspect, but they made time.  Not trying to downgrade anyone’s effort, but the aim in the class should be for quality, and one aspect of the project such as time shouldn’t dictate the entire grade of the project, instead it should be a small portion of concern with regards to this assignment.  Next time while attacking an assignment like this I won’t help but be conducting interviews and what not with a time restraint in mind, because I will be reluctant to have to butcher the quality thoughts of one of my interviewees into a single soundbite just to fill a requirement.  The true essence of articulation doesn’t get to shine through with pieced together snippets of limited audio.


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