Audio Slide Show Ideas

October 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Story 1- The Education department has a new addition to the staff, Dr. James C. Haynes. Dr. Haynes is the new Agriculture Education teacher, he comes to us from Texas. Dr. Haynes was one of the three candidates the Education department let Alpha Tau Alpha interview.

This story is important and newsworthy because its good to know who will be teaching us considering our future depends on it. It’s also important people are aware of new staff, because it helps familiarize people on campus of whom this new individual is.

Three good sources for this story would be the dean of education, Megan who is one of his students she will be student teaching in the spring, and Dr. Haynes himself.

Story 2- Beyond the classroom of Dr. Patton, we find this interesting because in general teachers and students don’t see one another’s personal sides.   Dr. Patton has many other talents besides teaching, that her students are unaware of, and she is one of the more accomplished people we have on campus. She has done a lot to expand the Universities cultural programs/studies.

This story is important because we think people should be aware of her many contributions to this University.

Three sources for Dr. Patton would be Co-workers in the COJO department, students past and present, co-workers under her wing.

Story 3- Campus life with a twist, Eric is a junior, he is part of ROTC Army. Not to mention a brother to Pike fraternity, but he’s not just a normal frat boy he joined to try and convert the members to Christianity. Eric has 18 credit or more hours, he also takes a big part in being an active Navigator.

This story is important because he’s not just a normal “live in the dorms go to class whenever student”, he studies hard an works even harder to be all that he can be.

Three great sources would be his frat brothers, his Major in ROTC, teachers, and friends.

Story 4– Zack goes from catching passes to catching classes, he was wide receiver for the Wyoming Cowboys and now he’s a fulltime student. Well liked by his peers, he has a pretty sly way of being endearing to his teachers.

This story is important because it would be nice to know both sides of the bench, and also to understand the tragedies and triumphs of being a student athlete.

Three sources would be former team mates, friends, and coaches or teachers.


§ One Response to Audio Slide Show Ideas

  • For story ideas 1 and 2 on the professors, you will be doing a similar story to these for your first web reporting project. You’ll have to interview a professor on campus and discuss their contributions. Thus, you may want to avoid doing story ideas 1 or 2 if you don’t want to do another story similar to these in the future.

    Story 3 sounds intriguing. It seems like a personality profile on this one student who is trying to accomplish various goals. It may be a visual story, but you need to get creative about the types of photos you’ll take for this story.

    Story 4 seems like another personality profile. I would focus on the struggles of being a student-athlete and how it’s different once you leave athletics. It has the potential to be a visually interesting story with some brainstorming about photo opportunities.

    Also, I didn’t see the last names of Eric and Zach. This is important to share.

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