Audio Recording:Ambient Noise/Counting Assignment

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ambient Noises:  The first track on the panel was taken during an elevator ride at the local first national bank.  The elevator music can be heard in the background with the sound of the elevator arriving at the end.  The second track is a walk to my evening class on Tuesdays with the wind at a steady gust.  This could be used for a nature or disaster type effect in a picture film.  The third track was taken while driving from my evening class and I had the recorder held out the window at the stop walk, which is what accounts for the beeping noise.  The fourth track titled living quarters was taken at my house while having a conversation with one of my roommates.  This could be used as background conversation noise in a photo film as well.  The 5th track was taken at the Coe Library around noon while I was completing an assignment.  Typing and quiet conversation can be heard in the background.  The last two tracks are the original and edited counting clips.  In the edited clip I not only cut the time and rearranged the numbers in numerical order, you will notice that the background noise from the original has also been completely cut out through the use of the sound clipping tool.


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