Photo Journalism

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Photojournalism Critiques:


Batting Practice

Celebration of Friendship

This photo was taken on a Friday night before a night of downtown festivities. The portrait features five close friends posing for me in the camera which is located above them over the ledge of the second floor. Everyone’s emotion in the photo seems genuine and authentic. The shot wasn’t too hard to get because the lighting in the house was good. When taking the photo I was smiling just as much as the people in the shot because we were all having a real sense of enjoyment. The point of view was the primary creative device used in the portrait and the expressions shine light on the fun personalities of the individuals featured.

School Zone Speeding

This photo captures a vehicle caught for speeding in a school zone. I captured this shot after being released from class at the University as I was driving down Reynolds street. I saw the lights of the officer flash to pull the subject in the vehicle over and stopped immediately to get a photo. If you look closely you can also see the passenger of the vehicle looking back at the officer to confirm the stop. I was relatively nervous taking this photo because of the reaction I thought the officer might have seeing me take photos. After the stop concluded the officer approached me and asked what I was up to with the camera. I told him about the class and he proceeded to check my ID and run me through the system. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking photos of children. The trees in the front of the photo help to frame the composition well.

Batting Practice

The batting practice photo is illustrating the example of the sports/action photo. This photo was taken at the University practice facility for the players located by the tennis facility as well. It was a Wednesday afternoon and conditions were favorable with no wind but cool temperatures. I found this event by complete accident as I was searching for a photo around the rehabilitation center off of Harney street. This shot was not overly challenging to get because the subjects were centrally located and were performing in repetition. The framing, balance, and use of pattern were creative elements used to make this photo interesting.

Fight At Concert

This photo was taken at a recent local Laramie concert held at Suite 107. An actual fight did not take place at the concert but people were reacting to the intense metal music that was being played on stage. The photo captures one male pushing another in the back unexpectedly and subsequently starting a mosh pit which I had to avoid for the safety of my camera. This shot was really lucky and I was not aware of capturing the instigator of the violent dancing. I’m not sure what all the subjects are preparing to do in the photo, but the person to the left of the photo appears to be poised to take action as well. The lighting of the venue was extremely difficult to deal with and none of the intended shots I wanted to take turned out right. I felt rather uncomfortable in this situation because the music was not what I preferred and the style of dancing was aggressive and I felt endangered at times by it. I was happy to learn more about the emotion and vibes of this music genre and the types of feelings it generates in its fans.

Family Golf

This photo captures what appeared to be three generations of family golfers. The youngest golfer is holding the flag stand up for the oldest golfer while the second generation golfer in the family takes a practice shot. From a far its easy to tell the family seems to be having fun with one another. I took the photo from a moderate distance and utilized the zoom in order to maintain the privacy of the golf match for the family. I like the pattern of the golf clubs in the photo and the flag adds some central balance. The photo had some lighting challenges, but the contrasting shades on the golf course helps to provide more clarity in the photo.


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