Creative Devices

September 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

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Creative Devices, posted with vodpod

Photo 1-College Transportation Options
This photo exhibits multiple forms of creative devices. The primary ones used for this photo are point of view, leading line and balance. The line of the bike racks leads the viewer into the buses and students gathered around it. The bus at the right forefront combined with the bench on the left forefront helps keep balance in the photo and leads the viewer directly into the entrance of the bus doors. The low point of view at the back of the bikes keeps the viewers eyes directly focused into the bus as well.

Photo 2-Outside of the University Museum Building
This photo taken outside of the University Museum building shows a good example of symmetry and pattern along with balance. The two dinosaurs posted on each side share equivalent space and the stair railings help to enhance that. The title of the building is also centered over the door which adds to the symmetry. The balancing of the photo is accomplished by the green grass on the left, accented by the trash can and truck on the right side of the photo, which also assists in maintaining the symmetry.

Photo 3-Construction Closed by Police Line
This photo exhibits the rule of thirds, leading line, contrast, and depth. The police tape in this photo combined with the two poles holding the tape take the viewers eyes to the “sweet spots” of the thirds where the viewers focal point is located. The leading line is used in this photo primarily by the hose that is running on the ground through the construction area. The line draws the viewer from the bottom right of the photo into the mid-left section, which then leads the viewer into the central part of the photo where the street and dirt meet. Both contrast and depth are created in this photo due to the texture of the asphalt and dirt working against one another. The street is also visibly lower than the dirt and the sense of depth is created.

Photo 4-Empty Hallway of Engineering Building
This photo is an excellent example of leading line, and also contains elements of color pattern, balance and framing. The line created by the sunlight beaming into the window actually creates three distinct lines. The line on the floor runs parallel with the lights on the ceiling and those brighter lighted lines make the line created by the desks more shaded and leads the viewer into the photo’s balance created by the open doors on both sides of the hall. The photo is aesthetically pleasing due to the framing and color pattern of the photo. The photo essentially contains multiple shades of brown and tan colors and it is framed to only view the hallway from a direct first person perspective.

Photo 5-Construction at the former University Apartments
This photo was taken from the top of the bleachers of the baseball field. This photo features elements of background middle-ground, and foreground along with experimentation and establishing size. The sky and mountains are at the background of the photo, the construction is in the middle of the photo and the street and car driving are in the foreground of the photo. The fields of depth are also crucial to establishing the size of the workers in the photo and the light pole is also an object of size identification.


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