Ups and Downs of Multi-Media Stories

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Good Story #1

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This news story has three elements of the multimedia story, which are video, text, and a thread for commenting.  I found this multimedia story effective due to the fact that the description has an undeniable interest from the small amount of the text the reader ingest, and since the description promises video of the shocking news, the entire story comes full circle for the news consumer.  Another aspect of this story is how disturbing the video content is, because it may actually end the story for some consumers because of its graphic nature.  Unfortunately these types of stories aren’t completely uncommon anymore, but video evidence of these heinous acts are few and far between. The comment thread is also key because its an emotionally charged story.

Poor Example

This multimedia story contains two elements which are text and links to other content.  The problem I had with this story was the lack of video highlights for the players discussed in the story.  Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker were both two of the best players in college basketball last season and thrilled fans with spectacular play.  This article could have been much more exciting with embedded video high-lighting both players, instead of links to their respective player cards and statistics.  The average sports fan should be able to view the story and instantly get an idea of the caliber of skills that these players possess.  Many non-basketball fans will not interpret the greatness of a player through arbitrary stats.


Good Example #2

This multimedia story includes three elements which are text video and slide show of high-lighted lyrics.  I especially liked this multimedia story because of the extra element of including the 16 best lines from the album Watch the Throne, the album the featured single is contained on.  Abbot hip hop fans will love the aspect of enjoying the lyrics they love quoting to others such as friends and on multimedia sites.



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