The News Diet

August 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

News sources are often taken at face value, especially from younger consumers, and finding a dependable source to gather information is crucial.  I generally only follow Unites States news such as NBC, FOX, and CNN only for the sake of understanding what people are concentrated on in the United States and to understand some of their points of view.  It is my personal belief that much of the news reporting done in the United States is entertainment driven, and doesn’t hold much truth or substance to the information that citizens really need to acquire.  Instead of reporting the news in an unbiased manner, many news forums have now converted into a debate forum in which each opposing extreme view is presented.  These so called debates often turn into unorganized arguments and useless banter.  I prefer to observe foreign news outlets in which also report United States news, due to the fact that foreign news reporters often do not have a bias to the issues in which affect the United States most.

Entertainment can be implemented into news, but only if the news is trivial such as sports, celebrity coverage, or types of news that do not directly affect the everyday lives or potential futures of citizens.  It is insincere and morally detestable to be sarcastic and cynical about issues that could  potentially change an individual’s livelihood.  Entertainment can serve to illustrate multiple viewpoints on issues and attract people to news that wouldn’t normally tune in or read up so to speak.

My intake of news could be improved by ingesting news that I find insignificant.  I ingest news about many important issues, or at least attempt to, but may neglect the underrated aspect of entertainment and its potential value and effectiveness in news reporting.  Another positive addition to enhancing my news diet would be to view news that was not intended for demographic in order to greater understand the appeals of other audiences not familiar to me.


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