For the Love of Hunting(Soundslide Project)

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Conducting this assignment was very fun actually.  I’ve realized I find enjoyment in telling a story through my personal editing skills.  The point of this story was initially to do a story about hunting season and the ins and outs of what is to be expected every season, and the preparation and that goes into each trip, but after interviewing my first three hunters, I found the interview of my final subject, Willie Forbes, to be considerably more personal and interesting.  Not only that, but the time frame was much more conducive to this assignment to focus more on one hunter and their individual passion and way of doing things, rather than trying to fit the customs of multiple hunters into a small time frame. Working alone on this assignment wasn’t   overly challenging.  It helped that I did all of the audio first and then took pictures to correlate after, which increased my ability to still solely focus on one task at hand.  The other great part about working alone is the complete creative control over your work and not having to worry about anyone’s availability or coming together to put different parts of the project together.  I learned a lot from the last group sound-slide project in regard to conducting the project in a manner that would not be overly difficult to manage for time.  During the last project I had a grand idea about this extensive story of someone and was not able to fulfill my original vision of the intended story.  Essentially many of the interviews and pictures that were taken for that project had to go to waste in order to meet project requirements, despite their relevance.  One of the funny things about this assignment was when I scheduled the photo session, I had no idea he was going to have a half skinned deer head sitting on the counter when I walked into the garage.  The smell of it was wretched and I tried to take a tasteful photo of the process that wouldn’t leave the viewers feeling squeamish.   I was also fortunate enough to catch Willie on one of his last hunts this season last Saturday and was able to take a couple of good photos related to that.  One thing I messed up on was failing to input the headline.  I made a custom title page for the headline at the beginning of the project and forgot to make the headline in sound-slides, but if the story is viewed full screen you technically won’t notice that.  I also made the captions but forgot to set them to automatic so the viewer must press the caption button.


Sound Slides Critiques

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Critique 1

Rhanden Lind & Tracey Rosenlund

I usually enjoy Tracey’s work because her experience with this type of media shines through.  This is  the first work I’m reviewing from Rhanden.  The subject was a solid one as well, art is obviously visually stimulating, so the pictures were interesting and hold the viewer’s attention throughout the story.  The quality of sound  could have been a little more refined for my tastes, I sensed a small amount of static in the background, but I’m guessing some of that can be attributed to the audio recording device.  The use of ambient noise was solid at the beginning.  This was one of the few stories I felt was complete, and didn’t end abruptly, so nice job of that as well.  Nice job overall.

Critique 2

Jordan Dixon & Megan Tanaka

First of all, excellent story idea to do something with student workers on campus, interesting from the beginning.  The ambient noise in this project was above average and certainly added an effect to the story, really placing the viewer into the scene.  The black and white photos were a nice touch to not distract viewers from the busyness of their work environment.  The sound quality left a little something to be desired.  I’m not sure where they conducted their interviews, but it would have been nice to have a clean background so the viewer and listener can really become engaged to your character development in the story.  A little more in reference to their life as students would have also enhanced this story greatly in my estimation.  Overall nice work again.

The College Life of Eric Ensor

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Making the sound-slides project for this report was a fun and slightly difficult experience.  Gathering the information  for this report from our subject, college student Eric Ensor, wasn’t too difficult, but at times it was challenging due to the weather conditions and times of day he was available.  The purpose of our report was to show the busy schedule of a full time college student who is also involved in various extracurricular activities and how he fits all of them into a single day and functioning week.   My partner Sarah and I interviewed people around Eric who can attest to the type of person he is, and to add a sense of personality to the profile.  Sarah and I worked well together, and each of us performed specific tasks which suited our strengths.  While working on this assignment I was informed of many clubs and youth groups available on campus and was able to attend some of the events from these groups during our project, which was enlightening to my understanding of the available groups on campus.

While putting together the sound-slides project it quickly became apparent that the material gathered by Sarah and I was going to be difficult to condense down to just 4 minutes.  The initial reporting work conducted by Sarah and I was for richness of content as oppose to meeting a time requirement.  After editing down the interviews and mastering the audio, I found it difficult to take anything away from the initial report I prepared.  The original time was 4 minutes and 45 seconds and also included a 45 second intro which was composed of the interviews from others about Eric himself, similar to a prologue in a book  The original report did an excellent job of developing a complete picture of what is representative of Eric.  After learning that I needed to change the audio work around just for a time requirement I was extremely disappointed because the original piece of work felt complete, and the intent of the project was fulfilled, which was to capture the ambitious and vigorous work load of Eric through the still frame of a day.  After revising the project, it was still good, but it wasn’t as complete as the original and also completely eliminated 2 areas of Eric’s life, which also affected the conclusion which was golden with the initial report.  The input of people around Eric was also heavily compromised and therefore personality in the project suffered.  Some of the other projects which appeared to meet assignment minimums were ended abruptly, sound quality was not top notch, and editing in them was suspect, but they made time.  Not trying to downgrade anyone’s effort, but the aim in the class should be for quality, and one aspect of the project such as time shouldn’t dictate the entire grade of the project, instead it should be a small portion of concern with regards to this assignment.  Next time while attacking an assignment like this I won’t help but be conducting interviews and what not with a time restraint in mind, because I will be reluctant to have to butcher the quality thoughts of one of my interviewees into a single soundbite just to fill a requirement.  The true essence of articulation doesn’t get to shine through with pieced together snippets of limited audio.

Audio Slide Show Ideas

October 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Story 1- The Education department has a new addition to the staff, Dr. James C. Haynes. Dr. Haynes is the new Agriculture Education teacher, he comes to us from Texas. Dr. Haynes was one of the three candidates the Education department let Alpha Tau Alpha interview.

This story is important and newsworthy because its good to know who will be teaching us considering our future depends on it. It’s also important people are aware of new staff, because it helps familiarize people on campus of whom this new individual is.

Three good sources for this story would be the dean of education, Megan who is one of his students she will be student teaching in the spring, and Dr. Haynes himself.

Story 2- Beyond the classroom of Dr. Patton, we find this interesting because in general teachers and students don’t see one another’s personal sides.   Dr. Patton has many other talents besides teaching, that her students are unaware of, and she is one of the more accomplished people we have on campus. She has done a lot to expand the Universities cultural programs/studies.

This story is important because we think people should be aware of her many contributions to this University.

Three sources for Dr. Patton would be Co-workers in the COJO department, students past and present, co-workers under her wing.

Story 3- Campus life with a twist, Eric is a junior, he is part of ROTC Army. Not to mention a brother to Pike fraternity, but he’s not just a normal frat boy he joined to try and convert the members to Christianity. Eric has 18 credit or more hours, he also takes a big part in being an active Navigator.

This story is important because he’s not just a normal “live in the dorms go to class whenever student”, he studies hard an works even harder to be all that he can be.

Three great sources would be his frat brothers, his Major in ROTC, teachers, and friends.

Story 4– Zack goes from catching passes to catching classes, he was wide receiver for the Wyoming Cowboys and now he’s a fulltime student. Well liked by his peers, he has a pretty sly way of being endearing to his teachers.

This story is important because it would be nice to know both sides of the bench, and also to understand the tragedies and triumphs of being a student athlete.

Three sources would be former team mates, friends, and coaches or teachers.

Audio Story Critiques

October 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Review of Andie Knous’ Audio Profile

After listening to Andie’s audio profile of fellow classmate Jessica Peck, the first thing that stood out was the concise nature of the profile, which was desirable for the intended purpose of this assignment.  It was difficult for everyone in the class to edit down the profiles with such interesting content from our partnered interviews.  The primary critique of the audio itself would be the sound quality of the audio recorder’s reproduction of sound.  The recording has the telephone effect which is no fault of the interviewer, just an equipment issue that Andie may want want to consider addressing.  All in all nice work and clean finishing touch.

Review of Zak Bolender’s Audio Profile

The audio profile completed by Zak was well done with it’s addition of ambient noise and sounds after the interview was condensed.  The effects were relevant and helped to draw the listener’s attention.  The effects could have maybe been slightly shortened, but other than that I thought they were beneficial.  The sound quality of the interview was solid.  Besides a couple of short tapping and external noise effects, I could find no other noticeable distractions that detract from the content.  The essence of the interviewee I also thought was well captured in regard to her job.  Nice work overall.


The audio editing assignment was enlightening due the peer critiques.  I was able to find ways in which to improve my audio assignments for the future, especially for timing and sound quality.  The interview process was harder than it had to be the first time around for this assignment, but the editing process was rather clean and effortless.  Recording the interviews in the library’s conference rooms proved to be beneficial when it was time to edit the profiles.  Listening to some of the other audio profiles from fellow students I was also able acquire more knowledge and ideas to enhance the ambiance and overall vibe of each profile.

Edited Audio Profile

October 12, 2011 § 1 Comment Edited Audio Profile by Otis G.

Condensing the raw audio profile down to a 2 minute edited audio profile was very painless in regard to my personal experience with this exercise.  Audio editing is something I’m familiar with due to my background with music and editing for sound quality in cars, stereos, and other devices.  I own a nice pair of Sennheiser headphones that have a noise canceling function which really enhanced the editing ability for my profile.  The zoom tool, move tool, and default cursor were essentially the only tools I needed to complete this assignment.  The cuts in the edited profile shouldn’t be too noticeable if noticeable at all.  Sarah had plenty of interesting content to talk about for her profile, so choosing which content to keep and discard was probably the hardest thing about this assignment.  My goal was to capture as much of Sarah’s personality through her story as possible.  She had many personable quotes that exhibited some her keen sense of humor as well.  The process of editing was actually easier than conducting the interview in my situation because of the extensive problems with transporting digital information.   I didn’t have to use any of the effects such as noise canceling, pop filter, or normalizing the audio because the levels and smoothness of audio were already even.  Besides the complications with actually acquiring the audio needed for the assignment, I didn’t find any part of this assignment to be wretched or horrible.  I was lucky to have an interesting interview that kept me engaged.  As Sarah was telling her stories I was quickly able to identify a theme I wanted convey for her story, which made this assignment flow effortlessly.

Raw Audio Profile(The Re-Take)

October 11, 2011 § Leave a comment Raw Audio Profile by Otis G.

Conducting the audio interview was not an experience entirely new to me.  I’ve interviewed people on camera and for written purposes but not with the intention of using strict audio playback.  Initially I used the voice recording application on my phone which records audio fine, but for some reason it didn’t pick up the first interview that Sarah and I did in entirety.  Next we used Sarah’s audio recorder to conduct both interviews and those required about 3 retakes as well.  Subsequently I was accidentally given the unfinished interview we had conducted first and the original full interview was no longer available…so we had to reschedule a redo interview.  I enjoyed the actual process of interviewing and being interviewed, it was just a matter of delayed communication and technical problems that made the task more tedious than need be.  We conducted the interview in the COE Library in one of the conference rooms so background noise was a non-issue in regard to sound quality.  Overall the process was interesting and fun to participate in, but the in the future I will try to be more aware of technological problems and complications.